Holi : In the world I live 

  • Holi is an Indian festival of colors combined with Bollywood songs and gunjiyas.when people talk about Holi,the scene that comes in their mind is-“everyone is colored from head to toe in different colors ,drinks and dishes are served and everybody is dancing or laughing ,kids are not over their water guns,yet,so they are still playing ,elders are either eating or dancing .people  are chasing each other ,throwing colors at each other .everyone is happy.” For some people this scene is reality while for people like me ,it is a dream . The day I turned a teenager ,I was not allowed to leave my house on the day of holi ,because “girls should not play holi”,people don’t usually come to my house ,as my mom is not a big fan of colors and my dad is never at home on holi ,he is either with his friends or some place where “men” go.so on the day of holi what I’m supposed to do is -“eat anything I want and wear nice clothes “. my younger brother goes out with his friends in the morning of holi and comes back in the afternoon ,covered in colors and I can’t help but wish “to be a boy “.

I don’t know if my wishes are wrong. I don’t know if playing holi is wrong .I don’t know why I’m  jealous of my 10-year-old brother ,even though he looks remarkably filthy coated with contrasting colors from head to toe ,which are likely to  stay on his face for weeks .

All I know is that Holi was supposed to be a festival rejoicing freedom .

the girl in glasses


The End

one day it will end

when the earth will have no more land

they won’t be having many choices left

just jumping off the edge

no one will be listening to you

living with the hope that nothing is true

tears will be wept, laughter kept

not knowing what is next

standing beside you are the ones you love

and the ones who love you

hold on their hands tight

this is the last flight,

no one knows what’s past

all I

 know is nothing lasts!


-Aarzu Singh



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